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Comments from some of our Customers

  • Sandra Cavazzuti
    The magazine pi¨DOLCI thanks for having been able to make "sweet and delicious" the crossword puzzles for the site! On this occasion the versatility of had to compete with the gastronomy and I should say with very good results. Congratulations!

  • Luigi Ronga
    Congratulations for this new version of the site, very effective! And thanks again for your collaboration on our history and geography textbooks that I write in cooperation with Gianni Gentile. Good luck!

  • Gianluigi Caraglia
    Our publisher Edipress (owner of the trademark Suntini) thanks the friends of for the professionalism of their collaboration from which the project "Train your Mind" is born: the books to keep trained the mind with puzzles and logic.

  • Giuseppe Riccio
    The meeting with Mr. Antonio Minicelli can be considered incredible and I believe it is worth telling the story to show the extraordinary professionalism of Mr. Minicelli and of his organization. Our company, which operates in communications, was commissioned by a national newspaper to prepare pages of games. We refer to those pages that come out in summer and keep us company on the beach. Initially we thought to be lost with endless problems. I did not know what to do. The day had been heavy and I arrived at night without finding any immediate solution. It was late night and I started to run on Internet. I found the site of Mr. Minicelli. I saw that he was living in Turin where I lived very well for five years. I always appreciated the Turinese people for their professionalism therefore I sent him with great confidence an email explaining the problems I had, my needs and the time limit. A few hours passed and around 7 a.m. I was called by Mr. Minicelli in person who solved my problem. At 10 o'clock I was already operational. In a night I went from the deepest depression to the utter serenity. We worked together for several years and I can say that never, really never, I had a problem.
    I wish him much success with his new site.

  • Atenaide Arpone
    Knowing how to entertain people with intelligence, in a world where even the most stupids take themselves too seriously, is a rare gift.
    I wish to thank Antonio and all the staff of for having allowed me to give some healthy lightness to my readers.

  • Nicola Farina
    I am writing on behalf of Srl, a newspaper editorial in sports. We have made available our data bank to to create custom puzzles on the world of football and I must say that the result has always been of great satisfaction for us and for all our customers.